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Who’s really good at theme coding? i need help :/

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smalltownfamous-rpg-deactivated: Hi there! We are a new rpg but we need help picking out a plot! Do you mind giving us a shout out so we can get some help on voting on a plot? Thank you!


07 21 13, 1 year ago

especially mason.

07 21 13, 1 year ago
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bohemerp: Hey there, love! Would you mind giving us a shout out? Issues RP is a brand new OC roleplay group with an original plot and tons of open characters. My main goal with this RP is to have people use their 'issue' as a way to develop their character as the happenings in the RP unfold. Thank you in advance!

07 21 13, 1 year ago
sansahelps answered your question: WAIT.

Idk if this is the exact one, but here’s something like it! :)…

Thank you!!!!

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You want to be the one calling the shots, directing flow of activity on the dash, leading the roleplayers. Basically, you want to be an admin. But what exactly does that job entail?  There a couple steps to being the admin you want to be. And here are a few of them.
(In response to the anon who requested.)

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You want to be the one calling the shots, directing flow of activity on the dash, leading the roleplayers. Basically, you want to be an admin. But what exactly does that job entail?  There a couple steps to being the admin you want to be. And here are a few of them.

(In response to the anon who requested.)

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 Introducing Dylan O’Brien as Kyle Bennet, the 21 year old Slightly, who has just been introduced to the mystical world of Wonderlust.

“I don’t know what’s going on, can’t work it out at all. Whatever made you choose me?” Unexpected Song by Andrew Lloyd Webber


Muffled voices, “knock him out already would you?” and the ringing of Kyle’s car alarms were the last sounds he can remember from his last night before he entered Wonderlust. He had been walking home alone from a night out at the bar with his buddies on a warm Friday night in mid-July when he felt an excruciating bang on the back of his head. He felt the sticky blood spill down his neck as two men dragged him by both of his feet to a nearby alleyway. He awoke, more than confused, the next morning to see a tangle of bodies surrounding him, but the only one he really saw was a devastatingly beautiful redheaded girl with tears glistening in her deep brown eyes. As soon as she realized that she was being watched, she quickly blinked back the tears and met his gaze “I’m Aurora” she said,”I suppose this is our new home.” The two of them glanced up and saw their futures ahead of them.

Before being stolen and taken away to Wonderlust, Kyle had just finished his junior year of college and was spending the summer working a minimum wage job at a minimart. As a child, Kyle lived with his mother and brother in a small one story walk up. You could say he had an absentee father, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. That would mean that his father wasn’t a part of his life when really his father marred his life. His father had left Kyle’s family when he was 15 years old, but that was just enough time for his father to completely tear his son to shreds. His father had picked apart Kyle’s every flaw and told his son that perfection was the aim of life. Since the day his father left, Kyle believed that perfect wasn’t realistic, it was disgusting, just like his father.

Kyle would have gotten his undergraduate degree in pre-med in the spring had he stayed in Connecticut. He had dreams of opening his own doctor’s office in a town similar to the one he had grown up in. Kyle wanted to help families like his own who were struggling to get by. Kyle always had a sunny disposition despite his unhappy past. He wasn’t one to dwell on his childhood. In fact, if you didn’t know Kyle in his early teens, you would never know that he had been anything less than insanely happy. Kyle’s light wit was one of his many charms and always allowed him to enchant others. He could always make even the most tortured soul feel as if all of his or her troubles had melted away.


Kyle had always been intrigued by the imperfections in life. He saw a person or place’s slightly damaged qualities and was instantly captivated. While others strived for perfection, he sought a more tattered life and couldn’t stand to be surrounded by perfectionists. He views them as fake. On the contrary, he has always had a weakness for helping mend other’s broken souls. This is perhaps why he was initially drawn to Aurora. Kyle can turn any terrible situation into a happy one with his charming jokes and charismatic smile.


Aurora CalderKyle is intrigued by Aurora’s broken past and can’t resist any chance to make her smile. The two connected instantly when they were both brought to Wonderlust. Aurora is unlike any girl Kyle has ever met and he can’t help but feel like he is falling for her.

Sierra Heart - Since arriving to Wonderlust Kyle has met a few people, one of them being Sierra Heart. Not really knowing who she is, he likes to hang out with her.

James Zdiech - James is always bugging Kyle to be an Ace, which Kyle finds interesting. He doesn’t really know what to do with his life so maybe being an Ace isn’t such a bad idea. He also doesn’t mind hanging with James and his friends.

Family: N/A

Interested in Kyle Bennet? Lucky for you he’s OPEN!

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♂ Introducing Aaron Tveit as Remus Heart, the 26 year old Vice. He currently works as an intern for his father and has lived in Wonderlust his whole life.

"Didn't you want to hear the sound of all the places we could go?Do you fear the expressions on the faces we don't know?" I wish by Secondhand Serenade

♚ History

Remus Heart was born the first and oldest Heart child. He was followed by his twin sister, Fleur, one minute and twenty-eight seconds later. Being the first born in any family comes with a lot of pressure, and truth be told, Remus cracked whenever he was under any sort of stress. Remus shys away from responsibility because he is scared of failure. He feels that his father is trying to force him to be a responsible, successful man, but fears that he can never live up to his father’s expectations. He combats this with his jokester personality. Whenever Remus feels that a situation has gotten too serious, he can’t help but to crack a joke or do a silly dance to diffuse the tension. 

His father wanted Remus to one day take over the family business. Killian tried to get Remus to go to family meetings, but he kept coming up with excuses. Fleur would always nag him to come and set a good example, but he was unwilling to accept the obligation. Remus’s biggest aspiration is to leave Wonderlust. He constantly hears stories of the outside world from Beau and longs to live in a place where the name “Heart” doesn’t mean anything. He loves his family, with the exception of his father. Killian has never been able to get over the fact that his first born isn’t perfect. Because of this, Remus has grown to resent his father. The two don’t get along in any way. 

Remus has always been intrigued by Slightlys and their knowledge of the outside world. He and Beau would always help introduce the Slightlys to the world of Wonderlust. It was a win-win. They got to know the world of Wonderlust from the perspective of a Heart and he got to learn about the outside world. Remus has recently taken interest in Kyle. The two instantly clicked with their witty banter. 

♚ Personality

Remus can’t take most things seriously. If you try to get him to talk about the future, he responds with a joke. Remus is puzzling because he has the right to a throne of power, yet wants nothing to do with it. Remus isn’t a very good listener. He can get so wrapped up in his own mind that he forgets to connect with others. He has a knack for adventure. He always wants to explore and experience more.


Beau White- The two have been friends since they were 10 years old. Beau has always been his partner in crime—the one who helped him escape from the Hearts.

Kyle Bennet- Remus and Kyle instantly connected because of their love of making others laugh. The two have the beginnings of a great friendship. Remus acts as a sort of mentor to Kyle.

Willow Hahn- Remus and Willow have had a flirty relationship for years. The two share a passion for exploring. He longs to explore with her.

Family: Killian Heart (Father), Fleur Heart(Sister), Xavier Heart (Brother), Sierra Heart (Sister), Night Heart (Brother), Luna Heart(SIster) , Yuri Heart (Brother), Bianca Gott (Cousin) and Ruby Gott(Cousin).

Interested in Remus Heart? Lucky for you he’s OPEN!

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